Singular Focus

Singular Focus

At ARS, we have one, singular focus: You. Your peace of mind. Your financial goals. Your success.

ARS Wealth Advisors operates as an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). That’s important, because there are a lot of different advisors out there who use complex industry terms to describe what they do. Put simply, here’s what differentiates us:

Compensation. We only make money one way: A fee based on how much money you entrust to us to manage. Period. No surprises. No conflicting interests. Brokers and many “fee-based” (rather than fee-only) RIA’s earn commissions when they sell certain products – but we don’t work that way. Our success is exclusively tied to yours.

Fiduciary responsibility. An RIA must operate as a “fiduciary,” a legal term that means we are required by law to ensure that every single action we take is in your best interest. Brokers are not held to this standard.

Custom-tailored investment plans. At ARS, we are not tied to a brokerage firm – so we don’t have an interest in selling any proprietary investment products. We study a tremendous range of products, funds and stocks, and make timely and informed choices based on one thing: whether that choice is best for you.

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