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    Investment Spotlight: Angel Oak Multi-Strategy Income Fund  

    People keep hearing all over the media that bonds are bad.  During the recent jump in interest rates, many investors have experienced some pain in their fixed income holdings.   However, as an investment firm we do still feel that fixed income has a place in most investors portfolio, and that there are still some opportunities for return in the fixed income arena.  Angel Oak Multi Strategy Income Fund was recently featured in a Barron's article.  While the fund referenced is not the institutional class that we have added for some clients, the strategy and our reasoning for liking the fund is the same.  Here are a few reasons why we like this investment in the current fixed income environment.

    • Low interest rate sensitivity (duration currently 2.9)
    • Attractive yield betweeen 4-5%
    • Continued improvement in the housing sector
    • Fund is well positioned for a rising interst rate environment
    • Adds diversification as this investment has low correlation other bond holdings

    Read the full article. 


    The 15% who are looking out for you! 

    Watch Tonight on FRONTLINE: The Retirement Gamble on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

    Here at ARS we are constantly educating people on how our firm is different from others they have worked with in the past.  This recent series called The Retirement Gamble by PBS has done a great job capturing some of the challenges the average investor faces.  Below is one of the highlights of the article and puts into perspective how ARS is different as a fiduciary from many others in the financial services industry. 

    "Eighty five percent of all financial advisers and financial planners are really just brokers or salesman. Their incentive is to sell you a product that makes them a higher commission, not necessarily a product that maximizes your chances of saving more. Only 15 percent of advisers are “fiduciaries” — advisers who by law must operate with your best interests in mind."

    Read the full article. 


    Why the debt ceiling matters.

    It seems that the federal debt ceiling is a topic that is constantly making headlines.  Here is a great short video that goes through an explanation done by the Wall Street Journal's David Wessel.  David explains why it matters, how it may affect you, and why you should care. 


    RIA, CFP, CFA... decoding the letters of the financial services industry.  

    Image by Dan BaxterThere are many credentials thrown around in the financial services industry. RIA, CFA, CPA, CLU, CFP, etc... Most people have no idea what all of these mean.  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal will help you decipher all those letters you see on business cards.  Click here to read the article.


    Why we love being Investment Adivsors!

    We love our jobs and the structure of our firm. As Investment Advisors we are truly doing what is best for our clients. Sadly this is not the case for many others. Who is looking out for you and your well being?

    Below is a video from a former broker who realized that he wasn't doing what was best for his clients and quit because of it. Watch the video to get a good idea of how advisors differ from a broker.